True father/son sex experiences

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I was wondering at what age did you first have sex with your father? How did it start and how long it continuded?
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    When I and my cousin were at Granny's place (I was 13, He was 16), Granny was very tired and went to bed,
    Then my cousin started to tease me and he fucked me anally & orally. I had no idea what I was doing but I felt good.
    You're welcome to be friends :)
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    It started with oral when I was 6. I just came right out and asked him if I could suck his dick., We had sex off and on for the rest of his life..
    • I started around 9 with stepfather still on and off with him. I caught him watching gay porn one night when we were alone and he had me sit with him and i asked what was going on and he told me we sbould try what they are doing. loved it the moment he licked my little poll
  • when i was 11 or 12 i had a hellacious case of chickenpox......covered with welts or sores everywhere. i got into a deep bathtub full of hot water to help relieve the pain/itching. my dad came into the bathroom to check out the sores. i got a hardon & just laid back in the tub so my dad could see the sores --- & my boner! he acted kind of shocked that i had exposed my hairy uncut hardon to him. he looked at it for a few seconds but didn't say or do anything......... damn i wish he had reached out to check out my dick, even though there were a few chickenpox sores on it!
  • I first sucked my dad s cock during a trip with him. I was 21. He was 54. We got to our hotel room and he started to undress, getting totally naked. My Dad was a large guy. He was not very tall, but he was a burly guy, big hairy chest, thick arms, tree trunk legs and a large gut. Hairy all over. Salt and pepper hair. A permanent 5 o clock shadow. I confess since early I had this fascination with my father s body. I used to watch him shower and it was many years since I ve seen him naked the last time. This time I looked at him like I was seeing him for the first time. I got really excited! I couldn t help it. I stared at his dick and I have to say he s got a tiny little pecker. I was surprised because I didn t remember his dick being so small. I guess I couldn t compare it to other dicks before. But I thought that little acorn in the middle of that big body was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I have a pretty small dick as well, but his was smaller. He showered at the hotel with the door open and I watched. I squeezed my little dick through my jeans, I was so horny! Then he came out of the bathroom using only his white briefs. I showered with the door closed, because I had to jerk off. After that, dad said I should sit on his bed, right beside him. He put his right arm around my shoulder, telling me to get closer. We were watching tv and I was getting even closer, eventually laying my head on his chest and rubbing his belly idly... I could see his little daddycock getting hard through his underwear. But I did not had the courage to do anything. Later, in the middle of the night, dad was sleeping and I beside him, horny as hell. He was sleeping with his belly up. His left arm was covering his face. Then I simply put my hand over his little dick, hard under the briefs. Very carefully I put it out and tried to look at him (it was dark). I could feel its warmth in my hand. It was small and thick, with a nice juicy head. I pulled down the foreskin and put it all inside my mouth. I was thrilled. I never thought I would ever do that! It had been my most secret sex fantasy. I sucked him until he came in my mouth. My daddy s milk was delicious and I drank it all. We never spoke of it, but he let me suck him a few times after this.
  • I wanted to suck off my dad SO much from the time I was 11 to maybe 14 or 15. The closest we got was when we were on the sofa together watching TV and I'd lay my head on his crotch while he got hard. He wore boxer briefs and I swear I used to start seeping precum our of my young cock every time I saw him. Maybe that's why I love bulging briefs so much.
  • I started 3 years ago, or 30 years after starting puberty. It all started when Dad was visiting me in New York with a business associate of his. One night as we were sleeping in the same bed, I Asked dad why he would sometimes have me smell his cock when I was a kid And routinely ask me if I thought he needed a shower or not. He told me he was always hoping I would suck it. With that I took his 11 inch cock and slammed it down my threat while preparing two points, the first one for dad. 36 hours later and with the addition of his business associate we had worn our dicks and he had worn out my hole.
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    I guess that really cant remember the age,, I was told by a cousin he and I would play when he babysat me. he called it feeding me HIS milk got started at a very young age,, but I soon learned (on my own) how to seduce others, loved the family,, seducing them is the best part.. soon it becomes old and it is time for another uncle, cousin, brother and the family reunions were fantastic there was always new meat to be had.. my girl family members getting married and all, sometimes one of the girls would bring a boyfriend (though that's not family is it?)
    I have a couple of groups dedicated to the topic
    Oh I forgot to mention I did a little beast stuff too, got a group on that too.ilk.
  • I was 13. My father was my hero and my bestfriend. I remembered all the times we'd come in from the beach or spending the day fishing when I was younger and we always would use the shower in the garage to wash off all the sand and dirt. Because I was a small kid my dad would have me showere with him. And I would be in awe of my fathers cock. Speacially since I only stood 3'10" at the age of 5. This was when I remember faticing about the possibility of having his cock in my mouth. But at the same time afraid of his sice. He had a thick 101/2 " cock when erect. I would catch him beating off sometimes. When I would come home from shcool my mom would be at work and my 6 brothers and 2 sisters wouldnt be home from there school yet. You see my dad worked the night shift as a line man with the Florada Power and Light company at the time. So he would be home when we got off shcool and I went to a different circus training shcool so my hours were different. I knew my dad was proud of his body. And he was a handsome man. He stood 5'9" with a tight muscular build and a dark tan from being in the sun.
    My dad was a very sexual man and never seemed to get enough. He would catch me sneaking peeks of him getting up in the mornings with a massive hard on. Or on the occasions he would be masterbating. He seemed to enjoy being watched.
    So one day when I was 13 dad asked me if I wanted to go with him on a little road trip up to the pan handle. He said he had a little business to do and I might like the beach area up there. I was always excited to go any where with my father. So we drove about four and a half hours I was asleep in the car when he woke me up. We'd come to this small little beach house just about the time the sun was setting. You could smell the gulf breeze coming off the beach. The house was set apart from anything around so we seemed to have our own little private beach. As we walked in dad began to stip down to get in a swimsuit. I sat on the bed just watch him move about the house with nothing on. He said hurry up and we'll take a dip before going out to eat. As we got to the beach it was great the warm breeze, you could taist the salt in the air. Dad just srtiped off his suit and dove right in and came up calling for me to jion him. So I did. The watd stockinger was warm and the moon was already out. It was a clear night with not a cloud in the sky, so the full moon shone bright casting a bright light on everything. Making the phosforis in the water ablaze. With every movement it gave off a phantsia effect. My dads body gleamed in the moon light. We played a rough housed in the water. He would pick me up and let me dive off his shoulders or toss me in the air. Being naked in the water for the first time pluss my dads hand allover me gave me a woody. Dad groped me a couple times commenting on what a nice one I had for my age. That made me proud to show my whole 5 1/2 inches. We came in from the water and laid on the beach and I actully asked my dad if I would ever get as big as him. And he told me as long as you use it for what it was meant for I might. And l must have looked puzzeled because he reached over and grab my cock and began to fondle me. It felt so good having my dad stroking my cock. He bent over and put me in his mouth. It was so warm and wet and felt so good. He began licking my cock and balls and that almost made me shoot my first load to early. But he felt my cock expanding and slowed down. He told me your gona want your first time to last a while. He had a huge thick hard on that was standing smack on his six packed stomack. I guess I was staring at his swollen shaft because he took my hand and placed it on his swollen cock and said " go ahead its ok its not gona bite." I could feel the heat of the blood rushing through his cock, it felt so strong and hard. He said "Go ahead put it in your mouth, Im going to teach you everything a man likes." So I put the head in first just taisting him. He was ozzing precume like crazy. And it was kind of tangy. I liked it so I put as much of his cock that I could fit in my little boys mouth. While my father began playing with my ass. Fingering my little tight virgin hole. I kept swirling my tung around his head. He told me to pay good attention to his balls. So I gladly did as I was told. Ahh my father moaned, lets go back to the house. So we ran back up the few yards and as we enterd the sliding glass doord my dad grbed me and picked me up so I was straddling his waist with his cock pushing on my tight little boy hole. And began kissing me full mouthed and passionatly. And spit in his handto lube up his cock. And smiled a big grin and said are you ready to become a man. And began sliding himself in. And oh my god the pain at first. It felt like he was literally splitting me apart. But he kept kissing me and saying relax its gona get better. Just relax. And for what seemed an eternity..... he was right I began getting this warm feeling. Oh god he felt so good pouding my ass up against the wall still staddling his cock. He stoped just long enough to make it through the french doors to the bed. The whole while his dick never leftmmy tight ass. He laid me down and pushed up beteen my legs movivng me into different possitions like a puppet on his thick pulsing mans cock. Watching my fathers
    stomack muscles flexing every time he pushed into and out of me just got me just got me so hot my head was swiming and I didnt know what was happening but it was wild and I liked it. God daddy I think im about to cume. Im cuming im cuming. And my first spay went past my head and some splashed my face. Dad then began pumping me faster and harder. I could feel his thick cock swelling inside me. His girth got real big and sundenly my father was moaning and spasming on top of me. He was shooting his load inside my virgin walls no more. And he slid a few more times before collapsing on top of me all sweaty and smelling like a combo of salt and sex. We kisse for a long and loving moment.
    He looked at me and said how do you feel and I said great can we do it again. He laughed and said sure but give me a minute. By the way your older brothers jioning us this weekend. Wow I couldnt wait
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    It was not my real dad but the neighbor dads age. I was 7 and helping in the garden when he asked if my dad had had the TALK. I had no idea what he was talking about. He seemed angry and told me that if me dad was not going to do it it would be up to him to do and he took me into his garage.
    • The first time I showed my dad my cock I was home from school and thought that I was alone. I was playing with our dog. doberman. I ran into my parents room and jump on my parents bed and landed on my dad. I did not know he was home and ran into my bedroom. He did not get up....
  • I start sucking my dad's cock when I was 11. He was sleeping when I did it. However, the first person who took my cheery was my own uncle at age 13. I am almost 30 now and we still have sex until these days.

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