Real Dad and Son Sex

topic posted Thu, April 21, 2005 - 5:55 AM by  Splitsack
Questions for Dads

Did you shoot your cum into their formula when you gave them the bottle?

If so Did they make the move on you and at what age?

Questions for Sons

As far as you know did your dad shoot his cum into your formula?

If so at what age did you make the move on your dad?

Did your parents have discussions about their suspicions you were gay and what action they should take when they thought you were out of ear shot?
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  • LOL No, my dad didn't shoot cum into my formula...

    I was 19 the first time I stroked it for my dad to watch, deliberately.
    • Wow

      So you were 19 and you deliberately did j/o so your father could watch you do it

      Where were you and your father when you did this??

      What was your fathers response??

      As you were growing up to age 12 were you attracted to men?? Your Father??

      From age 12 to 19 when you j/o for your father to see were you attracted to men?? Your Father??

      Growing up I was both attracted to men and my father

      I didn't have the experience of being with a man until I was 21 and never with my dad but always wanted to

      When he would get ready for work he would open the bathroom door a crack and call me to talk through the closed door cautioning me not to open the door and while we talked I could see his cock through the cracked open door

      I always got the impression that he was letting me know that he knew I was gay and also letting me know his cock was off limits

      When he started these sessions he stopped taking me to the public swimming pools this eliminated the close proximity of us being naked together
      • First, I'll repost the account that I posted in an earlier thread, to answer some of your questions, then I'll answer the rest:

        He had caught me jacking off once before, and just smiled and watched me cum, saying "nice load" to me with a wink. This is the story of the second time he caught me.

        Well, I've always been a perv and a real exhibitionist. My dad caught me jacking at my computer one day, and I just got this pervy thought to turn and face him, still jacking. He blinked and blushed and looked down at my cock. I stopped and just held the base so he'd see how big it was... 7 inches... and he ahemed and smiled, winking at me again. I grinned and started jacking while he still stood and watched. He kept looking at my cock and woulnd't look away, so I said he could come in and sit and watch if he wanted. He blushed totally red but did come in and close the door. I faced him and stroked real slow for him. Then I spread my legs and asked if he wanted to touch it and he nodded and reached out and grabbed my hard cock... my dad... stroking my cock. I think that was the hottest moment of my life. He squeezed it and stroked it for me and I shot my load while he held my cock, and he kept pumping it until I was spent. All the while I was moaning, "Ohh dad.... god dad... oh dad your so good." He got so hard he let me jack him off too, and he shot his load all over my arm, moaning stuff like "oh son, fuck son... damn.." etc. ;) Every now and then, we still get together to jack each other off. It's kinda a bonding thing.

        Now, the other questions: I've been attracted to males since I was 8 years old. I watched Flipper reruns and caught sight of the older brother... blonde... sexy body.. shirtless 95% of the time.... yeah my 8 y/o cock went rigid every time he came on the screen ;)

        I still prefer tanned blonde guys, tho a little more masculine and buff than he was ;) My dad, however, is dark skinned with dark hair like I am, but he was always hot to me too. He'd cuddle me and I'd get a boner. I'd rub my leg on his crotch sometimes when I was in his lap and he'd let me but I never could tell if he got hard.
  • Unsu...
    Yeah, dad shot his cum into my formula and even used to cum str8 in my mouth until I was about 2, then he stopped. I know this because he told me.

    Nothing happened between then and when I hit 10 and I came on to him. After a couple of years of fucking around he told me what he got up too when I was real young.

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