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topic posted Sun, April 7, 2013 - 4:34 AM by  aussie
Has anyone played with a family member?

Or does anyone still play with a family member?
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    A cousin of mine started with me when I was around the age of 8, and he was around the age of 12. It was fun. The only thing that we did was just played with each others dicks, kiss, and hump without penetration. I wish he would have fucked me, but happy with what happen. We did this for about a year, until we got caught. Hehe... It wasn't funny at the time, it was actually a scary situation for a 8 year old. After getting caught, we never had the chance to do it again. He later got married and knocked up a woman several times. Oh well... However, I always kept those feelings of wanting to mess around with guys. About the age of 9, I started showing my nephew a few things, and we started messing around on a regular basis. By the way, my nephew is 8 months older than I am. I was an unplanned birth. LoL... As time went on, and we grew, we did more and more. When we hit puberty and could get a hard on, we started fucking each other. It was the best shit I had ever felt in my life. We kept fucking until we were 21, then life happened. He went into the military, then found him a woman, and blah blah blah... We were always discreet, and as far as I know, we are the only two that know about it. I loved it while it lasted. He had a 9 inch, and very thick dick. So, that is my short little story about messing around with family.
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    ALL my cousins. HONESTLY I thought every1 fucked around you can only imagine my disappointment as I grew older and realized the complications involved :-(

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