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topic posted Wed, March 9, 2005 - 12:35 AM by  Texas
Has anyone else here ever experienced the joy of sex with your father or your son, or *grin* both?

Personally my father started feeding me his cock at age 4. Well actually, I made the first move, he just didn't stop me. :-) By age six, I was his source of sex, as I KNOW he wasn't doing my mom. He'd take me to work and let me run around naked.

Looking back I think he was my first love. He taught me how to kiss, how to suck dick, take a dick, and as I got older how to plow a man's ass.

I'm glad I had playtime with my dad. He taught me alot and I am thankful for all he showed me.
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  • delicious

    thanks for posting this. made my day. especially after getting out of bed with my son and coming to check email. *grin*
  • I started with my Dad at 5 and YES, I was the one that started it by asking him if I could put "it" in my mouth. He just didn't stop me.
    • I think every son's biggest desire is to take the dick that made them into their mouth... it's a thrill beyond any other, IMHO. I love my dad's cum :D
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        I always thought my dad had a hot ass and wanted to put my boy cock in it...although I was fucking my older half bro at the I got my dick in some hole and it was AWESOME! Never got to try dads ass though. I think he was suspicous about me and my bro but never brought it up...I think he was cool with it
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    yes; i have experienced the joy of sex with my father. and i'm willing to share. - i'm new here, so feel free to ask me questions.
  • i was lucky enough to experience the pure joy of my dads cock (later when i was in my teens his ass as well) when growing up. my dad taught me everything about two men can do with each other and i loved it!
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    Loved the time I had with my stepdad. Got me started on my sex life and helped me appreciate sex and be openminded and not limit my sexual desires.
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    Loved the time I had with my stepdad. Got me started on my sex life and helped me appreciate sex and be openminded and not limit my sexual desires
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    Loved the time I had with my stepdad. Got me started on my sex life and helped me appreciate sex and be openminded and not limit my sexual desires
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    It is sooo cool to realize that having a crush on your dad is more common than we think, and that a lot of guys actually have sex with their dads. My dad played with me since I was a small kid, and he let me such his dick until I was 12. Then he left my Mom and I and went abroad. I found him again when I was 25, although he tried to avoid me I finally managed to go on a date with him. We talked about everything and he got too drunk. I took him to his home and went in with him, got in bed with him and finally managed to suck hi awesome dick again and taste his cum for the first time. We dated and were lovers for 3 more years. it was pure bliss.
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    Lucky you Texas. How beautiful your dad was willing to share himself with you then go on to feed you more and more.

    My dad was my first love. I used to bath with him as a young kid and I loved being close to him so much. Id watch him shave before he demobbed and turn around to show me his bush and beautiful cock as he slipped into the bath. I recall sitting between his big legs while he washed me.

    When I was a bit older we'd go camping or stay over at relatives and Id get to sleep next to him. He was very straight unfortunately for me, but that didn't stop my hands wandering - I think I was 13 at the time we shared a bed. we both wore pyjamas but during the night I'd keep my hand on his warm crotch.

    Wasn't until I was about 16 that I finally got his beautiful cock in my mouth after he came home drunk from the pub. I sucked it and played with his saggy sack then blew over his cock.

    I fantasise with my partner now about my dad all the time. Its great to share (even if only fantasising!)

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    For me it wasn't my dad that introduced me to the joys of sex it was my uncle around the age of 5 i think it was. He was the guy who taught me to take the piss and cum from a mans cock. He even shared me with a friend of his. I know he was my fist love and i am glad he was the one to introduce me to the joys of men
  • I have to say that dad was my first love too.
    I was lucky, dad was nudist. And when i was very young he made me to be nude too. At some age, i started to get erections when i was paying attention to dads naked body, but he just made funny comments about my stiffy. We slept naked too. One night i woke up and dads head was over me looking at me and his hand was very softly touching my chest and belly. He had taken my blanket away so i was laying there uncovered. He kept softly touching my legs and belly and nipples and neck. And i have to tell, it felt so good! He started telling me how beautiful i looked there in a dim light and how my young hairless body is beautiful and my small smooth little willie is the most amazing thing in the world. i remember my willie becoming hard when he talked to me and slowly massaged my balls and dick. At some point he started kissing my belly and nipples and eventually my hard little dick. I didnt get orgasm or anything but it felt so good. He was so concentrating on me that i didnt even see his cock at that time, but he must have cum a lot. I know i would have if i was in his possition ;)
    He used to do that every now and then and i wanted more and more his attention.
    • i had a similar experience with my step dad who took me camping quite a bit. step dad was a sex ed professor at a boston college. at 13 we went camping in maine to a secluded wooded area on my grandfathers 230 acre farm, we had total privacy. step dad was always nude and at this particular camp out i was coaxed into undressing in front of him. I have to admit it felt good in nothibng but my timberland boots. immediately i became hard and my dad commented it was normal and not too worry. we swam in the nude and i couldnt keep my eyes off my stepdads thick bush, and his long thick 10 inch cock. one afternoon we went swimming in the stream and frolicking nude, my step dADY PICKED ME UP AND I WAS UPSIDE DOWN MY FACE in front of his thick erect cock now brushing me in the face. he pretended not to notice but i immediately became hard and before you know it we were frolicking and i lost my balance and just reached out and grabbed his cockhead- he laughed out loud and i released my hand, at that moment daddy stood full upright and began masturbating in three feet of water, i watched as he stroked and stroked until the silky white liquid squirted out inches from me, we both laughed and went back to the tent in the nude. it was a turning point where i now felt comfortable playing with mysrelf in front of stepdad and masturbated in his preesence many many times/.
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    Well for me I can honestly say that it was the GREATEST experience that I ever had. My Dad was the very first person that I ever had sex with. He lives his daily life married to my mother and he was (retired now) in the Coast Guard, As well as a daily ass-hole (Which I think made the experience better). He was a VERY dominate and Controlling man. But a Good-Looking man. He was a man that you would NEVER think would ever have sex with his son, And I was a son that would think that I would NEVER get the pleasure of having sex with my own dad even though I had fantasized about it since I was a young boy.
    We weren't close growing up and I was a lonely middle son which also made the experience better and he found out I was gay by rambling through my room when I wasn't home one day. Now my Dad thought growing up he was teaching respect with us Boys and my Mom, But he was actually making us fear him. He had a BAD-BAD temper and was quick to hit (More like punch). Which again made the experience better....
    I left home at the AGE of "15" due to me being gay because of him. I ended up staying with my grandmother, His Mother.... Which made it sooo much worse because she was just like him. She thought me being gay was a phase... <sigh> Plus she was a religious woman when it was convenenient. Due to I had this uncle growing up that TURNED out to be this MARRIED man she had been seeing for 19 years at the time. (He still comes around and he ISN'T my uncle).
    After so many hard-ship growing up with my parents, Both of them, But mostly my dad. I hadn't been back until my grandmother finally pushed me to go to their house... So on one day I went:
    Mama and Daddy was having a weekend BBQ like always and of course drinking beer. (As always). We ate. I felt more out of place than a Hooker In Church... I did NOT want to be there.
    Well about 10pm mama finally went to bed. I found it rather odd that my Dad stayed up. They always went to bed together. ALWAYS. My grandmother had gone home and I have no idea why she decided to leave me there. I had no alcohol what-so-ever.
    Anyways my Dad said, "Lets go to the motor home to talk". It was parked out back of the house, And this was the VERY first time he had ever asked to talk to me. I didn't think anything of it. I was a complete Virgin and I knew nothing about sex. The only naked person I saw was a another male relative and he was my age when we was about 12, And I didn't have access to porn. I was very sheltered to the world.
    So I went to the motor home with my Dad thinking, "Oh God... What is he going to say what did I do wrong now"?
    Well we sat at the table... We chit-chat for about 5 minutes.. He led the conversation, I don't remember what. All I knew is... I wanted to go inside the house. And then BAM! He said, "Do you want to see it"? I felt like I had stuck my finger in a light socket and forgot to take it out for a second. I laughed it off, Thinking it was one of his no good tricks... He was good at those... Thinking he was looking for an arguement. And I said, "NO"! Thinking inside my head," YES, YES, YES".... Then he asked me again, After the 3rd time of him asking I got out the nerve and just blurted out YES!
    So he got up from the table with out saying a word and laid back on the bed with out saying a word. I said, "What do I do"? "He said,"Take my pants off", He was wearing blue jeans. I always found it odd that they were already unbuttoned. But I pulled them down as well as his underware. I couldn't believe it. There was my Own Dad's cock. (I still remember all this like it was yesterday. I think about it all the time still). He was actually leaking pre-cum. I tasted it. My first taste of cum and it was my fathers. I will never forget how it tasted. And no one has tasted like that since. He actually tasted sweet. It was almost like bitting into a ripe plum. For me, Weird or not... There is no sensation than being able to suck the dick that you squirted out of. I was thinking in my head while he was teaching me how to suck his dick, "I am sucking my OWN Dad's dick". And I admit, I enjoyed every minute of it.
    I was still dressed while I was sucking him and he pulled my butt to him. I didn't know what he was going to do. What he did was lick his finger and stick it to my bare-butt and rubbed my hole. I found it weird at that time. But it makes since now. After doing that for a few minutes he told me to take off my clothes, And so I did. He kept fingering me. I was so tight he couldn't get his finger in me. He told me to lick his, "Ass" was the word he used.
    Well after fingering me, I layed on my stomach. He said I don't have to lay on my stomach. But he left me in that position anyways. He used his spit, Just enough and got his cock in me which is average size. There aren't enough words that can describe the feeling of having your Own Dad's Dick in you. He pumped me for about, Less than 10 minutes and he came. He was quiet but squeezed me hard. He left his dick in me just long enough to finish pumping and rolled over with out saying a word. I grabbed his cock and still felt some cum coming out. I did lick the head to get it.
    I didn't get off that night. But I have thought about it hundreds of times. I did find out a couple days later that he took my Mom out to the motor-home and re-played out the fantasy (Exactly what he did to me) with her. But what she didn't know was, He was thinking about me.
    May-Be one day, I'll get to do it again. Who knows.
    • I had sent you a reply before having read your blog - the blog made me hard though it was kind of hard to read considering your fathers violent temper. It could have gone very badly though I'm very happy that it didn't. Hugs, boy - xxx
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      Wow. Thanks for sharing! That's a really hot story! Can't imagine what you went through growing up...but sounds like that experience really made a huge impact. Very hot!! Although I haven't experienced that yet, I hope to be able to share it with a boy. Help him. Make it memorable for both of us.
    • Is your Dad still around? The dominating and controlling aspects of his personality are especially arousing. My Dad is gone, but I will never forget how I felt the first time we "69"nd.
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    You can bet your ass. It is the ultimate connection....Dad and his son. I was 6 years old when it all started in the bath tub while my Mom was working as a nurse. Step by step my Dad taught me everything about love and sex. Since that time I´m addicted to mature men.
    Thank you Daddy!
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    from what he told me which way my dad was still alive, that I began to "feed" the sperm of a few months after birth, my mother knew this, but she was busy with his career. Father much partying, was brought home guys, women do everything in my sight and it made me happy, not having yet 10 years old now let me lick his and his colleagues whether he said Wojkowa sperm from hot cunt of his mistress. My father had a friend who was in prison, looked great, it was, I knew what I would be interested in sex, hard, brutal, without restriction. Everywhere, with everyone and everything!
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    as a young boy i was drawn to my dad's penis (in my 40's now). I recall wanting to see his penis all the time and would do anything to see it. By age 14 i was a horny teen. Dad came home drunk one night and passed out in his room. I went in and quietly got in bed with him. after a bit i reached over and touched his penis and he got hard almost instantly. I just played softly and then got braver and hooked his balls under the waist band of his underwear and started to jack him off. Once i felt his precum my mouth watered and went down on him. I remember how his foreskin felt and i kept sucking after a few minutes i felt his hand on the back of my head. All i heard him say was jesus christ and shot his cum in my mouth. i sucked and swallowed until he started to go soft. He just looked down at me with a confused look and a half smile. It was an incredible expereince.
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    Dad started feeding me his cock n cum at 5 usually about 2 to 3 times a day. at first i just did what he wanted me to do but by about a few weeks into it i would go to him n ask him for special candy he makes for me.
    By 6 he was easing it into my hole n once i started being able to take him more regularly he wold bring others over to play wit me n take pics n make movies for him.
    i loved it n still do
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    Started with my daddy when I wus nine...progressed from fondling, jacking and suckin to intercourse...lathed into my late teens..wonderful bonding and luving experience , no regrets and I wanted it all the time! Much more prevalent than most would think! Family incest is hot!
  • im into father son incest more then any other kind, but sadly I never got to experience it nor will I ever, at the age of 6 my father disowned me, stating I was not his son.. and I havent seen him since then, I have role played with others calling them daddy, but it wont ever be the same, even after reading stories of those that had it done, having the seed in your mouth that created you, just sounds.. hot..
  • Hey gents. I'm sooooo happy to read this posted story. Let me tell you about my own.

    My dad and I never had any good feelings for each other, but my Uncle and I did.

    My dad was a country bumpkin as they say having been raised farm. But as far back as I can remember, we got to go to the farm for a Sunday drive and loved to hang out the entire summer holidays there.

    Uncle ran the farm and he made a point of spoiling all his nieces and nephews with genuine love and affection. All of us loved Uncle.

    When I was nine, my parents let me stay with Uncle on the farm alone. As best I could, I helped uncle around the farm, with him letting me sit on his knee and drive the tractor. I just loved to sit with my back against his manly chest, his cheek against mine, his big strong hands touching mine on the tractor steering wheel. I can barely describe the physical attraction I had at this young age for this hunk of a man who was my Uncle.

    After a really hot summer day doing stuff on the farm, he was all grimy and sweaty, and I could hear him as he prepared a bath in the tub for himself. I remember watching him in the bathroom through the crack in the frame of the door as he undressed. I could not believe this man nude there for me to watch. When I had the guts, I knocked the door and said I had to come on in. He answered and said okay. I asked if we could take the bath together and he sort of laughed and said "ok". We washed the grime off each other and rinsed each other off. The feeling was magical.

    Then I got really brave and I asked Uncle if I could sleep in the same bed as him as I said I was a bit afraid of the dark in the country. To my surprise he said yes. Then when I went to kiss him good night, our lips accidentally touched. Then it happened..... I felt his erect tool in my hands and I told him that I wanted it. We spent half the night making love..... kissing, cuddling, sucking.

    Uncle was my first love. We could not get our hands off each other. Truly, I loved him as my husband and me as his. We shared the intimacy, tender moments, secrets and fantasies with each other.

    He retired from the farm and lives in an apartment in town now. I still get up as often as I can and be with him and hang out naked and make love for hours on end.

    My Uncle and partner and lover.
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    I have wanted my dad since i was like 13 yrs old. Im 30 now and the attraction has never died down. Im not really sure what to do. I have sex dreams about him nightly and even just a simple text from him gets me excited. Im pretty sure he wants me just as much but hes scared to act on it bc of my mother. Can anyone help me? I can email you our whole story if you msg me. Im also on yahoo messenger at Nickjacob28. looking forward to hearing from some guys that can help me fulfill me dreams!!
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      My dad made the move on me when I was yung....I lived all that we did...don't know what to tell yu really...maybe get drunk with him might work...hope yu get Sumthing going's good!
  • Up until the age of 10 I shared a bedroom with my parents. I was fascinated with seeing my dads dick and balls when it they would show through the fly of his boxers and pajamas. Never got to play in an intimate way with him. The thought of it still gets me excited and I am much older now. Wish I had a son 18 or older for bonding.
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    I knew I wanted to be with my dad for as far back as I can remember. Being a kind of ballsy kid I was in the bathroom with him while he took a bath on evening. When he stood up to dry off I took his cock in my hand and put it in my my mouth before he knew what hit him. He pulled me away once but I went right back for it. The rest is history.
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    I wish I had a dad like yours. I never got to be with my dad but my best memories of him are watching him lounge around in his briefs and scratching around down there. I wish I could re-live those moments.
  • The closest I got was sneaking close at night to hear my parents fuck. I was so jealous of my dad and his big cock, yet wanted to touch it so bad. I'd pretend I was watching his cock drill her up close, and wish his balls would slap my face while I licked their coupling.. I had only seen it flaccid a few times, but what a nice, big cock. I'm sure that his cock drilling my mom's cunt and making my little dick rock-hard with jealous rage and desire filled me with the lust I have for cock today. If you want to hear how I dealt with all that insane throbbing, message me, it's kind of embarrassing, but hot.
  • hi m8,
    my grandad started me when i was 6. it lastet til i turned 14 and left for boarding school. loved it
    any real life dads/uncles/grandads on here? would love to chat sometimes. cheers
    • My dad must have started with me much sooner but I remember at 10 he would pull my foreskin back in the shower and would clean me out. He would then make me do it to him. Looking back on things now, I realize that he was always hard. There are more random memories that I'm starting to put back together.

      Love to chat and share stories. I have a friend who was thrown out when he as 15. Then was taken in by his new daddy. I met them when I was younger but they were together for a good while until the boy eventually turned 21. Then things changed.

      Lets chat some more
  • i started sucking when i as 8 and got fucked for the first time on my 11th birthday. i always hear people saying that it's wrong, youre just a kid, but i totally think it is an amazing thing. i love my dad, i want to make him proud of me and i really like the taste of his cum :) i think i am really lucky to have my dad.
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    never had the love of my father or even my step father - crave the love and sex off an older man but now I've reached a certain age - maybe I want to be someone's dad too
  • i started taking my dad in me when i was 11. it hurt but it was amazing. i got to share my first time with my cousin and uncle (it was my cousins first time 2). it was and is great feeling having your dad fill you up or having him watch you being filled up. some dudes on here have told me to wait a few years and my dad will move on to a new young dude, but they dont understand that family is a huge bond. my dad wont ever stop fucking me, he wont ever stop caring and he wont ever want me to go without because i am his son. that is what is really special.
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    My actual dad was gone before I was born. But I was lucky to have a mentor/uncle, sucking and taking it, and later on how to give it to other boys. Truly thankful for him and miss him alot too, would like to think we'd still be at and sharing if he were still around.
  • Not sure how old my dad started me. My earliest clear memory was around 6 or 7, but in that earliest memory we had well established rules, so he probably started me much earlier.
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    It's a faded memory, but I remember it starded when I was three or four... I used to take bath with my dad in the tub....he let me to touch and handle his cock, I soaped it and I was surprised and amazed by that huge hard cock, for me it was just a game, only then I realized how it was wrong.
    • It is NEVER's the best toy for daddy to give his son to play with....I LOVE feeling little fingers inside my cock eye-hole
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        Honestly I've never considered that experience as an abuse or a violence, I loved to play with my dad's cock.

        But it's wrong, I'd never do it with children or even teens, 1 because it's a crime, and 2 because I'm attracted exclusively by adult, manly and active men.

  • Hello :) A very naughty boy here. I was born to suck daddies cock every day. Searching for guys with no limits to talk to. I am so dirty and kinky that you can't imagine. I have no limits. Would love to talk about sick incest stuffs ;) Message me ;)

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