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Just posted a series of pics we just took of my Dad sucking my cock and me cumming in his mouth, him sucking my cock through my boxers and then pulling them down to fuck, and him eating my armpit. Hope you enjoy. I'm HungJason on here. Have video of it all too if interested in emailed clips.
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  • Jason, can you send me those clips please?
    • HOw can you do things with your real dad? that's gross.
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        are you posing a serious question? ( HOw can you do things with your real dad?)

        perhaps you can clarify before i rip into you. why exactly is it "gross"? is it simply that society has decided for you that such things are sick and wrong? god, how dreadfully boring. have you stopped to think that just because it doesn't make YOUR dick hard, it doesn't qulify as "gross"? or perhaps you really do have some moral issue with incest?

        whatever your intention, your comment sounds like it came off a grammer school playground.

        and why exactly would you be in a tribe that obviously holds the possibility of such relationships?

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          well the pics are fake, it's fantasy. most people WOULD find it gross. bear's partner is much older than him, much of society finds that "sick and wrong" too. so it's all relative, i suppose.

          hehe, how ironic, it's "grammar"...two a's...dude, lighten up.
          • mk
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            oh, and i was referring to those pics of jason's, on the couch, etc. very obvious fakes. the cocksucking pics could be anyone.
            • Hey the role play is fine, but doing it with your own flesh and blood it's not right. I like older men old enough to be my dad, but i would never think of doing anything with my real one.
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                Everyone is entitled to an opinion, bear, so I don't begrudge you yours. I do think that, in the context of a tribe and these public forums, we should all resist the impulse to pass moral judgments on what consenting adults do.
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            hmmm, how exactly does one talk about irony, do a spell check, and then say "dude, lighten up" in the same sentence?

            relative, or not (pun intended) heh, who gives a fuck if "most people would find it gross"? i guess i just assumed that members of this tribe would be a little beyond that sort of thought pattern.

            and bear, whether it be fantasy or reality, playing around with someone who is your own flesh and blood is precisely what makes it hot for some people.
            what i intended to point out to you with my "grammar school" comment, was that saying things like "it's just not right" reeks of straight, white, christian, small town america. the same people who have oppressed us perverts from day one.

            personally, i think people do a little too much lightening up. it's something that gets said when things get uncomfortable. i understand trying to keep the peace. i also understand asking someone to reconsider their views and maybe reevaluate why they exist.

            and on that note, just to lighten things up as requested....bear, maybe if your dad was super fucking hot you would change your mind. *smirk*

            ps. i thought my questions were rather challenging and thought provoking. anyone care to take a stab?
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              I do not find my own dad sexually attractive. And I find the idea of having sex with him to be unappealing. However, I do find that a large majority of the men I'm attracted to remind me of my uncle.

              There are things in this life that I find sexually appealing that I know mainstream america would find repulsive. There are things that others find sexually appealing that I have no interest in. For example, I'm not into bondage. I have no desire to engage in it. And I don't understand why others are drawn to it. But then, I don't need to understand it.

              My life is mine to live. I make the decisions for my life. Other's make the decisons for their lives. God in heaven, I don't need to live any one elses life for them. Not my right. Not my responsibility. If someone wants to engage in bondage, more power to em, we just won't be doing that particular thing together.

              Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can believe that something is wrong. We can discuss it here. But the way I see it, when you start calling people names like 'gross' then you've started being disrespectful. That's not cool.
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    Oh My too.....i'd love the pics the video.. and i'd love to see it in person if you guys get out to La or San Deigo XD I'll bring my brother.
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    Fuck! I'd love to see those pics and bids. My dad and I used to fuck and suck for years. Unfortunately, never had any bids. Please send info to Thanks Jason.

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