incest: dad/son/cousin/2nd cousin/baby

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WARNING this may be too bizar even for the most jaded


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baby/preteen/teen/dad m/m inc

Unless your comments are positive or inspire you to write,, save it. It is fantasy and as such is acceptable

as far as kids maturing younger. statistics show girls about 11 or 12 start their cycles earlier.

for boys it is 10 and 11.

I think the legal age for sex needs to be adjusted for the new changes. I know in Boston it has been pretty young for some time.

there's that old line "old enough to beat/bleed old enough to butcher "

AND let's not forget the Dads that teach their sons.

I am going to express a creative endeavor here. It is purely fictional writing, so if you believe it, so be it.

I for one enjoyed showering with my dad, but bath time seemed to be more fun.

I enjoyed the standing before my Dad at age 5 or 6 calf deep in the soaker tub, and him lathering my butt, that always made my cocklett hard and he seemed only too happy to suck on it.

It always felt soo good, I never even did a dry climax, which I did have at about 7.

I experienced it and fell forward almost drowning him in the tub water. At about 7 and 1/2 I started sucking on him,, he wasn't very big, except in my mind's eye. When I got my mouth on it the first time he exploded immediately, I don't think I was surprised by it as I remember I swallowed right away.

By the way my first dry orgasm was brought on when his soapy finger slipped into my hole. He didn't fuck me till I was 12, that was my first wet orgasm.

He told me that he and my cousin 15 at the time, used to feed me their "milk" which he said I gobbled up. My cousin, he said used to like sucking my tiny cock and balls at the same time. Dad said that is what made him explode. Then my cousin would get over my face, and my Dad said he used to rim my cousin till he popped. I understood rimming because my Dad would do it before greasing up his fingers and then his cock before fucking me.

I wanted my cousin to join us and he did on occasion. But by then he had his own little son, so sometimes the three of us would feed him our "milk" .

I wish I could feel perverse about it all, but I don't. My Dad and cousin say we can do it to my son, when I had one.

I don't think that will happen as I like men too much. But Dad said there were arraignments that could be made so that I didn't need to fuck a woman..

My being gay has nothing to do with what happened, but more of an extension of my having been gay.

So far I have only been involved with the three of them and I am happy with the way things are, at least so far.

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