Steve wasn't a boy playing with toys anymore

Steve found the box of dildos in his uncle's garage. He was spending the weekend at his uncle's place and was excited by the discovery. It did not occur to him that his uncle had left the sex toys for him to find. Steve knew what to do with them. He found the tubes of lubricant too and soon he was trying dildos, each one larger than the last. It didn't take long before he had the thickest and longest dildo all the way up his hole. Steve looked out the window as he pleasured himself. He saw his uncle sunning by the pool -- he stroked his cock and let himself imagine that his uncle was watching him. This fantasy soon had his young cock sending spurts of semen onto the floor; he was shuddering in orgasm. When he again hurried to the garage today, he found his uncle was waiting for.him. Stuttering in embarrassment, he tried to explain what he'd been doing. But his uncle moved closer and put his arms around him, drawing him close. After a long pause, his uncle bent over and kissed him on the lips. Steve's penis began to harden and so did his uncle's. It only took a moment for his uncle to remove Steve's swim suit and then his own. Steve stared in amazement at his uncle's beautiful penis, larger than any of the dildos he had tried. "Put your arms around me, Steve," his uncle commanded. Effortlessly, his uncle lifted him off the ground and kissed him passionately. His uncle squeezed some lubricant on his fingers and slowly slid them deep into his hole. Then he said, "Steve, it's time you graduated from playing with toys." While his uncle kissed him, Steve was penetrated--slowly his uncle's thick cock filled his hole. And as his uncle fucked him, Steve quickly learned he must surrender control of his body. The man inside him was in control of the pace, depth, and angle of the fuck strokes that had him squirming in a sweet agony of pleasure. Instinctively his body offered no resistance to allow deep penetration and his anus knew when to hold and squeeze his uncle's cock. His uncle said, "You're a natural bottom! Your hole is hungry for daddy's cock!" For the first time, Steve imagined that there might be other men who would appreciate him this way. And his uncle had plans for his education.
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Tue, August 13, 2013 - 2:28 PM
Uncle Mike drove Steve to a shuddering climax, even as a 12 year old, Steve was able to produce a bit of seed. His body convulsed, he was flushed, his insides were on fire, his mouth hung slack as he let his body shudder. Uncle Mike started breathing hard, sweat pouring off him, his hips bouncing Steve up and down on that big cock like a toy doll. Uncle kissed Steve hard, pulled him down tight on his cock and exploded deep inside him with a massive load of man sperm. Steve felt it dribble out his boy hole.
Uncle Mike could barely talk but he asked in a shakey voice - how would you like to meet some friends of mine and their sons? I think you'd like them, and it would give you more "toys" to play with. Uncle Mike laughed his deep manly laugh and kissed Steve again...........
Fri, August 16, 2013 - 6:48 AM
With Uncle Mike's cock still hard up his ass and lips locked, Steve was in no position to object to Uncle Mike's lewd suggestion. But if his Uncle's friends were anything like him.....The thought of experiencing other men kept Steve's young cock erect and Uncle Mike sensed the heightened ardor course through his nephew. Uncle Mike may have been reluctant to give up his exclusive rights to the lad, but his "mates" had done him the same favor many times before, and besides, he knew that Steve was meant to be shared. Everything about the lad -- his sexual responsiveness, his openness, his hunger -- would be contagious and he knew his mates would appreciate his gift to them. He imagined watching them get inside one after another, while Steve looked to him for approval. Breathing hard, Uncle Mike broke off his kiss and said, "We'll do it next weekend. I promise you'll enjoy yourself and it will make me proud! My mate, William, has a lad you'll like too. He calls himself 'Male' and seeing him bottom for William -- legs in the air -- is a thing of beauty!!" Uncle Mike's lips then returned to Steve's and while their bodies remained joined, he lifted him up easily and lay him back on the floor, a tattered rug making their bed. Now he was making love to the lad, strengthening the bond between them before he shared him.

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